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Winterland Squirts and Bantams had a wonderful trip to Windsor, Canada

Louie stopped by the Friendship Games

Louie stopped by the Friendship Games

Father and Son playing in Adult Learn to Play scrimmage

Winterland playing at The Joe

Jim Whitworth's Grandson's with a special photo with Bob Plager

What is Winterland?

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Quick links to our Instructional Programs

Coach Cole Rozen with his Squirts 2020 - Cole was an original Winterland skater over 10 years ago

Sponsored by 2021 Mite(U6/U8) Development Program

2021 Mite(U6/U8) Development Program

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This is a great program for the Mites.  Instruction but all fun.

Sponsored by 2021 Summer Programs for Squirts, Peewees & Bantams

2021 Summer Programs for Squirts, Peewees & Bantams

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Sponsored by 2021 Squirt and Peewee PLUS Development Program

2021 Squirt and Peewee PLUS Development Program

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Sponsored by 2021 High School Development Program for Varsity and JV players

2021 High School Development Program for Varsity and JV players

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Sponsored by 2022 Student/Adult Volunteer Program

2022 Student/Adult Volunteer Program

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2021 JR. Blues Learn to Play Program for 9 to 15 year olds

Winterland is proud to once again partner with the St. Louis Blues Youth Hockey movement and operate the 2020 JR. Blues Learn to Play for 9 to 15 year olds.   Over the past few years the program has been a great success and given kids the chance to enjoy playing the great game of ice hockey.

The JR Blues program is a 12 week program that is designed to introduce first time players, ages 9-15, to the sport of hockey.  Throughout the nine weeks, participants will learn the fundamentals of hockey along with players that are at a similar skill level.  One week is dedicated to classroom work to help them understand game play and they even get a chance to discuss the role of on Ice Officials with real a referee from the Missouri Ice Hockey Officials Association.

The program will begin on April 24, 2021 and will conclude on July 17th.  

Winterland will also hold a special meeting for all  the participant's parents so they can get a chance to ask questions and gain knowledge regarding getting involved in youth hockey in the St. Louis Area.

Click here to register for the 2021 Extended Learn to Play Scrimmage Program

We learned from years of doing this that we needed a program so that the JR. Blues Learn to Play participants had something available for those that wanted to keep skating and having fun after their JR. Blues LTP Program was over. So in an effort to nurture their enthusiasm, we have developed a 5 week scrimmage program to allow the kids to play some hockey. We feel it will keep the kids skating and also allow us to better educate the kids on game play.

Winterland Banner sent in from Mr., Sass - circa early 1970's

Sent to us by Mr Sass - circa early 1970's

Sponsored by 2022 Adult Learn to Play

2022 Adult Learn to Play

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2022 Adult Box 3 on 3 Program

Sponsored by Adult Monday Night Program 2021-22

Adult Monday Night Program 2021-22

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Sponsored by Friendship Games July 2022 - St. Louis

Friendship Games July 2022 - St. Louis

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Come have the time of your life.  The Friendship Games are open to whole teams or just individual players looking to have some fun.

July 8-17, 2022

We strongly suggest you register as soon as possible.  It will fill up fast.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

Kevin Whitworth

Winterland News!!!

Buffalo Wild Wings once again joins Winterland to help promote local youth and adult sports

It is our please to announce that our local Buffalo Wild Wings in Brentwood, Kirkwood, and Creve Coeur  have once again joined the Winterland team to help promote the local hockey  programs.  They are starting out helping us to promote the JR. Blues Learn to Play Program and our Student Volunteer Program along with our High School No-Check program, and our Adult Learn to Play.

They have committed to see that the 2021 Winterland Friendship Games are a great success again.

BWW is committed to their communities.

Please support our local BWW!!   

Winterland welcomes The Parkmoor Restaurant to our family

Winterland is happy to welcome the Parkmoor to the Webster Groves area.  It's located at 220 West Lockwood.  Please make a visit to the Parkmoor and have a wonderful dining experience.

Winterland helps out MIHOA to improve young Officials

For the 6th year in a row, the Winterland Ice Hockey Program will partner with the MIHOA(Missouri Ice Hockey Officials Assn) to host a weekend of hockey in an effort to give MIHOA an opportunity to train and evaluate select Level 1 and Level 2 referees. Each friendship game will have Referees but at the same time, Instructors will be on the ice to help train the young Referees.  MIHOA will be filming some of the play so they can review the referees work after each competition.   Head Coaches will be asked to attend a post-game debriefing after each game. This is a major step to improving the MIHOA staff and our referees.

This all happens during the Winterland Friendship Games at the Webster Groves Ice Rink each July.  Winterland hosts an event of  youth games each July dedicated to promoting friendship and playing the game for  fun. There are no trophies and no Champion. Just a weekend of fun and excitement for Squirts, Peewees and Bantams.


You can check into becoming an Official by visiting the MIHOA web site by clicking on the MIHOA logo above.

Donated by Mr. Sass

Coach Whitworth hanging out with Louie

Mac Holloran(Whitworth's Grandpa) playing Roller Hockey for the Union Station Red Caps all the way back in 1929

Winterland Jersey from 1967

Winterland Adult Goalies spend a day with NHL Goalie Bruce Racine for a clinic

NHL Video Judge, Jimmy Kehm, viists Winterland Friendship Games 2015

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Friends of the Winterland Programs

Sponsored by Buffalo Wild Wings

Buffalo Wild Wings

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Buffalo Wild Wings locations in Brentwood, Kirkwood and Creve Coeur have been involved with Winterland since 2016 in helping to promote youth and adult sports for the local communities. It's the perfect place for teams to have a great meal and some fun hanging out together.

Sponsored by H.E.R.O.E.S. Care

H.E.R.O.E.S. Care

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Winterland is proud to be involved with HEROES Care in an effort to help our US Military members by collecting and shipping Care Packages full of goodies to our men and women in the Military.  Individuals, Teams and Hockey Clubs can participate at any level.  See our H.E.R.O.E.S CARE page on our Winterland Web Site or visit the H.E.R.O.E.S. Care web site.

Sponsored by Missouri Ice Hockey Officials Assn.

Missouri Ice Hockey Officials Assn.

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Winterland and MIHOA have a great relationship and strive to improve officials at all ages

Sponsored by Carousel Group, Inc.

Carousel Group, Inc.

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Official Winterland 
Apparel Provider

Sponsored by Racine Goalie Academy

Racine Goalie Academy

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For years Bruce Racine has come out to our Winterland programs to help our young goalies.  Best Instructor in St. Louis for Goalies.

Sponsored by Modern Litho of St. Louis

Modern Litho of St. Louis

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We want to Thank our friends at Mulligan Printing- Now Modern Litho, for their years of support with our H.E.R.O.E.S. Care Project and the Friendship Games.

Sponsored by Vandalia Bus Lines

Vandalia Bus Lines

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Official Bus Lines of Winterland

Vandalia Bus Lines has carried every Winterland team, from Squirts to Bantams, to Detroit, Michigan and Windsor, Canada since 2010

Sponsored by St. Louis Sports Commission

St. Louis Sports Commission

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Winterland welcomes the St. Louis Sports Commission to our team of friends supporting the development of the Winterland Friendship Games and all sports in the St. Louis region.    Since 1994, the St. Louis Sports Commission has done a wonderful job bringing Sporting Events to St. Louis.

Winterland Ice Hockey is proud to be a part of the growth of youth sports in the area.


Sponsored by St. Louis Lady Lyons

St. Louis Lady Lyons

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Winterland is proud to partner with the Lady Lyons in the development of Women's Hockey.

Sponsored by University of Notre Dame

University of Notre Dame

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Working with Coaches & Sport Leaders to Shape a Positive Sports Culture for All Young People.

Sponsored by Webster Groves Ice Rink

Webster Groves Ice Rink

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Official Home of the 
Winterland Ice Hockey Programs

Sponsored by Official Game Puck Enterprises, Inc.

Official Game Puck Enterprises, Inc.

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Official Winterland Puck Supplier

Sponsored by Screen Doc

Screen Doc

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Owner, Gary Donaldson, has been involved for many years with Winterland and the St. Peters Youth Hockey club.   He dedication to the local youth hockey programs has been outstanding.

Just proves that hockey people are the greatest!!!!

Please give Gary a call for any of your construction needs.

Sponsored by Quality Sandblasting Company

Quality Sandblasting Company

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It is with great pride that Winterland welcomes Quality Sandblasting to our family of local businesses and organization to help support our youth and adult programs.

Quality Sandblasting Co. is locally owned and was founded in Valley Park, MO in 1990 and has been providing high quality sandblasting, priming and painting work for over 26 years in the same location.

Quality Sandblasting Co. is the best at abrasive blasting and paint any previously painted or rusty items made of metal. Almost any item made of metal can easily, and inexpensively be made to look like new again. They are highly skilled in abrasive blast cleaning and the related application of general and specialty coatings.

Sponsored by St. Louis Amateur Hockey Hall of Fame

St. Louis Amateur Hockey Hall of Fame

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Keeping St. Louis Hockey History alive!!!

Sponsored by Learn how to get involved in Youth Hockey with Missouri Hockey

Learn how to get involved in Youth Hockey with Missouri Hockey

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Missouri Hockey and our clubs provide many opportunities to be a part of the great game of ice hockey.  Whether your child is just learning to skate or your player is striving to compete for a gold medal we hope that we can support your family in their journey.



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ManAdvantage’s mission is to provide children affected by the death or disability of a parent with the opportunity to continue or begin their involvement in the sport of hockey, through the use of corporate sponsors and fundraising. 

Sponsored by St. Louis Rockets Hockey Club

St. Louis Rockets Hockey Club

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For years, The Rockets have been a great help to make sure the Winterland Program has enough ice and equipment to not just help their own kids that participate in Winterland programs but to also help all the other kids from the different clubs in the St. Louis Area.

Sponsored by Missouri Hockey

Missouri Hockey

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Winterland wants to thank our friends at Missouri Hockey for their help in the development of our No-Check Program and their support of youth hockey.

St. Louis Arena

Winterland circa: 1967

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