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2022 SquirtPLUS & PeeweePLUS Development Program

SquirtPLUS and PeeweePLUS

Development Programs

These programs are for skaters in birth years:

Squirts: 2012-2013

Peewees: 2010-2011

This PLUS program is based on skaters that are in the U8 Red-A1-AA-Central States levels last season

(Please remember that you register your skater in the age group that they will play in the next winter (2022-23) season.

The SquirtPLUS and PeeweePLUS programs are special programs developed for the the youth skater looking for an intense training program.  This 12 week program includes 10 weeks of training, two practice sessions as teams prior to participating in the Missouri Show Me Games in Springfield, Mo. in July 2022.

Cost for Summer of 2022 (based on 20 participants per age group)

If you already have a Winterland jersey and it still fits, you will be offered a discount on your program that can be used at check-out during registration.

Outskater:                       $525 per person(*) 

Goalies:                          $250 for goalies(*)

(*) $40 discount will be offered if you still have your Winterland Jersey from last year.  Contact Coach Whitworth to get the
jersey discount code.  You will use the code at check-out to save $40.  It must be used at check-out.

Program Fees include: ice fees, instructor fees, Enrollment fees to the 2022 Friendship Games(2 games) in St. Louis, jersey(if needed), socks, Certified Roster fees, four educational classroom sessions:  Offense Positions, Defense Positions, Hockey History and Officiating, classroom materials, misc. items, administration costs, enrollment fees for the 2022 Show Me Games(4 games). Does not include hotel, meals, and travel expenses to Springfield. 

Summer Program Payment Schedule:
$50 non-refundable deposit on day of registration if before March 1st, 2022.

Non-Refundable Balance is due on March 1st, 2022

After March 1st, 2022, Full Non-refundable Payment due upon Registration.

If you need a payment plan to help spread out payments, please contact Coach Whitworth and he will be happy to help you out.


Click here to register as a Squirt(10U). Password needed until December 1st.

Remember - if you are a returning skater, make sure to have the Jersey Discount Code before registering.


Click here to register as a Peewee(12U). Password needed until December 1st.

Remember - if you are a returning skater, make sure to have the Jersey Discount Code before registering.

Use this link to link your phone to the calendar.


Ice Schedule for SquirtPLUS and PeeweePLUS

Sat. April 23   Webster   330p

Sat. April 30   Webster   330p

Sat.  May 7     Webster   330p

Sat. May 14    Webster   330p

Sat.  May 21   Webster   515p

Sat. May 28    Webster   330p

Sat.  June 4     Webster   330p

Sat.  June 11   Webster   330p

Sat.  June 25   Webster   330p

Sat.  July  9      Webster   330p

Sun. July 10     Webster   230p  Squirts Practice-Show Me Games
                                            345p  Peewees Practice-Show Me Games

Wed. July 13    Webster    600p  SquirtPLUS Practice Games 
                                             715p  PeeweePLUS Practice

July TO BE CONFIRMED   Show Me Games