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Peewee Ice Schedule

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Peewee Ice times

Sunday, June 21              1145a         Kirkwood

Tuesday, June 23              745p         Kirkwood

Saturday, July 11             915a            Webster

Sunday, July 12               1130a          Webster    

Tues.  July 14                   830p          Webster 

Thursday, July 16            715p            Kirkwood

Monday, July 20              600p            Webster   

Thursday, July 23            830p            Kirkwood

Sunday, July 26               200p            Kirkwood

Tuesday, July 28              615p            Kirkwood

Wednesday, July 29         600p            Webster

Saturday, August 1          415p            Kirkwood

Monday, August 3           600p            Webster   

Wednesday August 5       730p            Webster   

Saturday, August 8          645p            Kirkwood

Sunday, August 9            1130a          Webster