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2020 Registration for skaters wanting to sub in Winterland Programs

Register to "sub" for Winterland Programs

Winterland always has spots for skaters to sub into if their schedule does not allow them to participate full time.

This registration is simple and easy plus gives us an idea of what programs you might like to sub for.

But you have to be serious about being apart of our programs.  If you are new to Winterland, you will be required to buy a Winterland jersey but once you own a Winterland jersey all future programs as a full time skater will be discounted.

How Winterland measures Skill Level for Sakters

We consider 4 levels of hockey but we are active in only 3 of them.  

 Novice = Beginners and Learn to play – Some have only been skating no more than 1/2  years – some are fresh out of our Learn to Play/Skate.

 NovicePlus+ = not novice but not yet intermediate. (this is a new division for us due to skaters getting better each day)

 Intermediate = been playing awhile and skate well.  Know the game and how to play.

 Advanced = played high school/college hockey  (We do not have anything at this level.)


Style of play at Winterland

We are very proud of the fact that we have a bunch of wonderful people in Winterland that care about one another and help out one another to make sure we all improve our skills and have tons of fun.  It’s great to see when a better skater challenges a weaker skater to force them to work with the puck, when the better skater could have easily taken the puck the away but elects to make the weaker skater work hard.  That’s pure Winterland Hockey!!!

So if you are looking to win the Stanley Cup and play an intense game of hockey - Winterland is not the place.  If you are looking to come and have fun, improve and help others to improve - Winterland is the perfect place,

Programs available for adults to sub in as Novice and Intermediates
Please understand that the Adult list has close to 125 names on it.
Best policy is to register for a full time spot in the program you are interested in.
Each Program is assigned a Program Number(i.e. #4) for us to track so when you want to sub please use the program number when emailing.


Here are some examples of available programs for subs.


* #03a - 3 on 3 Sunday Morning Box Program: 730am for Intermediates

* #03b - 3 on 3 Sunday Morning Box Programs:  Novice/Novice+ 9:00am

* #11 - Sunday Novice/Novice+ 9 week Sundays at WG

* #12 - 8 week Novice+ Program

* # 17 - Adult Skills program

* #20 - Novice Florissant Wednesday nights 9:15pm to 10:15pm

* #19 - Novice+ - Florissant Thursday nights 9:15pm to 10:15pm

* #21 - Novice/Novice+ mix - Saturday nights Florissant 915pm to 1015pm

* #27 - 12 week Saturdays Sept-Nov. at Kirkwood

* #29 - 13 week Saturdays Dec. - Feb at Kirkwood

Youth Programs

* #22 - No-Check program

* #04 - High School Development

Costs and Payment to be a sub

Costs vary to sub in different programs depending upon type of program and length of the program.

Cost for 1 hour basic programs:        $15/$20 depends upon which program

Cost for 75 minute programs:            $25

Cost for programs with Instructors:  $25 to $30
(ex: Learn to Play, Extended LTP, Skills)

Payment can be made using the Winterland Wed site(extra fees apply) or by using Venmo(no fees):

Winterland Web Site:


You can pay by VENMO  and avoid the handling fees if you wish.  You can get the VENMO app on your phone and pay direclty to Winterland-Kevin Whitworth by using using our Venmo addresses:

Venmo Account Name:   Winterland - Kevin Whitworth

Venmo Account User Name:   kevin-whitworth-3

Click here to register as a SUB for any of our 2020 programs

This link will allow you to register for Winterland Adult programs that include a lot of Novice Programs but also a couple programs for intermediate skaters. Please understand that some of the Sub lists are long and we will try to get everyone involved as much as possible. Please contact me if you have any questions.

Kevin Whitworth

Director - Winterland Ice Hockey

Phone: 314-706-9755