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2020 Adult Learn to Play (WL#6)

Adult Learn to Play scrimmage

Winterland LTP and East Alton LTP play Friendship Game June 2018

Learn to Skate/Play Program

In 2020, Winterland will again organize their very popular Adult Learn to Skate/Play for adults wanting to learn to play hockey.

Due to the popularity of the program Winterland will offer a program with our normal 11 week Learn to Skate/Play program but will add 1 scrimmage session and a Friendship Game to make it an extravaganza of hockey. 

Clinic days will be held on Saturdays at Webster Groves with the exception of a couple due to holidays and rink availability.  Scrimmage days will be held on Monday nights at Brentwood. The Friendship game with be with our Adult LTP friends up in East Alton - The River Rats!!!  This will be the 3rd year for the friendship games with the River Rats.

And finishing up the program with Friendship Games in July at Webster Groves. The Friendship games with be with our adult LTP friends up in East Alton - The River Rats!!!   This will be the 3rd year for the friendship games with the River Rats.

After being involved in Adult Learn to Play for several years now, our instructors have put together a program where we think it will give the participants a chance to learn fundamental skills during our normal Learn to Play sessions, then give them a chance to apply what they have learn in a game situation but in a controlled atmosphere.  It is what we called a “controlled scrimmage”.

During the scrimmages, we will have two coaches on the ice to help instruct and answer questions
for the participants while playing the game.  This gives us the chance to give instance feedback to players as they play.

Although they will get our normal Learn to Play program with instruction on Skating - both forward and backward, stick-handling and shooting, we feel the scrimmage opportunity also gives them a chance to just “play” hockey and learn from experience.

Registration is open.   We strongly suggest you register as soon as possible.

Cost:  includes Jersey, ice, Instructors and all fees

Learn to Play/Skate             $366       

-10 Learn to Skate/Play sessions
-  2 Controlled scrimmage

-  1 Friendship Game with Referees
-  Instructor fees
-  Winterland Jersey

Equipment you will need to participate:

  • Helmet with a full face cage
  • Gloves
  • Shoulder pads
  • Elbow pads
  • Pants
  • Shin Guards
  • Socks
  • Skates
  • Stick

"Learn to Skate/Play"

Dates and Ice Time 
Webster Groves(WG) and Brentwood(BW)
Revised 7-19-20

New Schedule

Sat. 6/27
215pm               Clinic               Brentwood

Sat. 7/11
2:10pm     GC   Clinic                Webster

Sun. 7/12
4:30pm              Clinic             Webster

Sat. 7/18 
4:45pm     GC   Clinic               Webster

Sun. 7/19
11:45am           Scrimmage      Webster

Sat. 7/25
4:45pm            Clinic                 Webster

Sat. 8/1
3:30pm           Clinic                  Webster

Sat. 8/8 
2:15pm          Clinic                  Webster

Sun. 8/15 
2:15pm          Scrimmage         Webster

Sun. 8/16
12:15pm       Clinic                  Brentwood

Sat. 8/22
2:45pm       Clinic                     Brentwood

Sat. 8/29
4:30pm       Final Scrimmage  Brentwood

Ladies learning to play