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2018 Mite Development Program

2018 Mite Development Program for U8 and U6 skaters

Winterland has been approached to expand our summer programs to include Mite(U6 & U8) skaters.  So we have developed a program for kids that will help them improve their skills but most important help them to grow their love for the game.

The 9 week program(7 hours of ice plus  6 games in Jefferson City, Missouri and 4 games n the 2018 Winterland Friendship games)  will include: 

- FUN!!! - Our main goal is to make sure the kids have fun.  We will have some simple instruction but "pond hockey" is the theme.  We want them to scrimmage and have fun.

- 7 one hour sessions that will cover simple instruction like skating, shooting, stick handling, positioning, defense, face-offs along with teaching the many forms of checking(poke check, stick check, back check, fore check)  and then scrimmages.
- Approximately 45 to 50 minutes of “Pond Hockey” controlled scrimmage during  the 7 one hour sessions.

- There will be four educational classroom sessions:  Offense Positions, Defense Positions, Hockey History and Officiating.

- Each participant will receive a Winterland two-side jersey to be used in scrimmages plus one set of socks.

- Participants will have the opportunity to participate in 2018 Winterland Friendship games in St. Louis.

- Participants will participate in Friendship Games in Jefferson City, Missouri .   

Cost for Mite development Program (based on 25 participants) 

Mites:    $307 per person

Program Fees include ice fees, instructor fees, Enrollment fees to 2018 Friendship Games in St. Louis and the enrollment fees in Jefferson City,  jersey(if needed), socks, classroom materials, misc. items, administration costs,  Does not include hotel, meals and travel expenses to Jefferson City. 

Summer Program Payment Schedule:

Full Payment is due upon registration after April 1st.

Sat.  4/28
10:30am ice time

Sat.  5/5
10:30am ice time

Sat.  5/12               9:30am Classroom on Offensive Play
10:30am ice time

Sat. 5/19                9:30am  Classroom on Defensive Play
10:30am ice time

Sat.  6/2                 9:30am Classroom on Hockey History
10:30am ice time

Sun. June 8-9-10
Games all Day (Friendship Games - Jefferson City)

Sat.  6/23               9:30am Classroom on Referee sindals
10:30am ice time

Sat.  7/7
10:30am ice time

Wed. July 11
5:45pm (Friendship Games - STL)

Sat. July 14
2:00pm (Friendship Games - STL)

Sun. July 15
3:30pm (Friendship Games - STL)