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2023 Student-Coach-Adult Volunteer Program

Since 2013, Winterland has offered young athletes/students the opportunity to gain an educational through volunteer hours for their Church, Grade School, and High School's Community Service programs.   This program is also available for adults looking to volunteer.  We have a great Coach's mentoring program for those coaches looking to gain experience by working with more experience coaches.

Winterland offers several different opportunities for children to volunteer their time to help others.

-  Student Coach/Assistant(on ice)
All  Student Coaches/On ice assistants must be registered with USA Hockey and in Good Standing with Missouri Hockey)(Adult Coaches must be certified USA Hockey Coaches)

- Time/Score Keeper

- Office Help

- Equipment Helper
(Volunteers will help the new Squirts learn to put on their equipment and tie skates and take care of on ice equipment.)

- Coach's Mentoring Program
(Volunteers will work hand in hand with experience coaches to gain experience on and off the ice.

This year we will be able to offer over 175 hours of volunteer opportunities to those willing to participate.  

From on ice help, to keeping time and score keeping to help with 
Administration work during our special events and Friendship games.

If you are interested in participating in our volunteer program, please feel to register.

Thanks for the help.

Coach Whitworth

Student/Adult Volunteer Program

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